10 benefits of BASIL for HEALTH

Basil is a type of plant, which is part of the leaves, seeds and flowers are often used in dishes that have a distinctive aroma. Basil is often neglected is used in various kinds of foods Italy, China, India, and Thailand. If in Indonesia often use the seeds for mixed drinks.

The plant has unique characteristics, oval shape with a size that is large enough. The leaves are bright green and the numbers are pretty much in one plant. In addition it has a curved leaf leads out.

Not only that, the content of basil is also very famous for its benefits to health. In it an awful lot of nutrient content, such as minerals and vitamins. Natural deposits are owned by basil leaves is Niacin, thiamin, folate, riboflavin, vitamin B6, vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E and many more. This plant grows in a tropical climate in Indonesia.

The following benefits of basil leaves for health.
1. Anti oxidants
Benefits of basil leaves is able to prevent the effects of free radicals. Protect the body from free radical attacks, because it contains quite a lot of Dau Anti oxidants.

2. Preventing thrush
Basil is great for preventing mouth ulcers, because this leaves mengan lots of vitamin C, which is most needed saatanda often had thrush.

3. Prevent Cancer
Benefits of basil leaves associated with anti oxidants. Well this good anti oxidants to prevent cancer. Cancer arising from exposure to free radicals that attack the body's cells and spread throughout the body. This is proven by a study published in the journal Molecular finding Madicine Reports if basil extract may stop the growth of cancer cells of the ovary. Take some basil leaves on a regular basis will help prevent cancer.

4. increase the body's resistance
Basil leaves is also very good for increasing the durability of the body. A strong immune system infectious disease will land raises health disorders.

5. Natural Anti bacterial
Basil can be set as a natural anti bacterial leaf. Compounds and nutrients in it will eliminate bacteria as well as kumn which usually become the main cause of the emergence of the disease. It is proven by the existence of the research in the journal Molecules of oil or natural language found in basil may inhibit some drug resistance of the bacteria E coli. E. coli is a bacteria that can infect the contaminated food that causes diarrhea, vomiting and cramps.

6. Healthy Heart
If you want more heart healthy, konsumsilah basil leaves. Because it had a lot of leaf content of minerals and vitamins that are instrumental to maintain health, improve, maintain the performance of the heart remain optimal. So the heart would be healthier and avoid a wide range of health disorders that attack the heart, such as heart attacks, heart failure and more.

7. Good for eye health
Basil has vitamin A, which can be use for eye health.

8. Prevent inflammations
Basil is the world of herbs that can be used as a drug mencegangan. Because these leaves have many anti inflammatory content that is able to heal inflammation.

9. Healthy bones
In addition to fruit and nutritious food, it turns out that eating the leaves of basil can also nourish the bone. This leaves help strengthen bones, especially for those of you who experience the disorder osteoporosis.

10. Help nourish the tooth
The world of basil can nourish the tooth. The structure of the teeth and bones are almost the same and will experience a pengeroposan unaccompanied when his health was fine. This leaves can be a healthy solution without any side effects gosehat.

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