Everyone sometimes doesn't feel satisfied with, the many different ways to improve conditions before, one of them for merapihkan the tooth by placing a Stirrup. However, many people do not think about the impact that will occur, if the origin of wearing Stirrup without treatment regularly.

For now wearing Stirrup instead aims to merapihkan teeth, however following the fashion trend that favored people. It is characterized by the large number of people wearing braces even though the teeth they had to mess with. With the development of it emerging builders install braces are actually less competent in that field. Installation of the Stirrup to the street where the dental expert builders of these teeth do not get permission from the Union of Dentists (PDGI).

DRG Zaura Rini Angreini, MDS say that wearing Stirrup can result in side effects for its users in the installing braces have less expertise. The dangers of wearing Stirrup carelessly would be more at risk if the mounting braces are entrusted to people who have less dentistry.

The following side effects wear Stirrup tooth carelessly.

1. Tartar
Tartar can occur due to the usage of the Stirrup is not treated properly. This is because the wire down and difficult area cleaned up so the rest of the remaining food cause a buildup of plaque. The use of high risk metal braces against damage to teeth and gums. For that use a special toothbrush if you wear Stirrup.

2. Allergic reaction
Stirrup made of metal such as copper, chromium, nickel. An estimated 30% of patients have an allergy on orthodontic metal while inflicting pain and ear congestion. Even the possibility that users May not allergy-allergy-could be history after placing a Stirrup. On the impact side effects of copper, nickel and chromium are generally mild and easily overcome by changing the metallic materials used Stirrup.

3. the PMS
The dangers of infectious diseases the possibility it could happen to someone. Because the metal wires installed on your teeth collide then it will cause small sores on the lips as well as the inside of the cheeks. When you engage in activity with your mouth, then wound in the mouth will be the entrance of diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis.

4. Digestive problems
Material wire Stirrup is very concerned about if their material has hazardous materials for health. If the material reacts with saliva then his reaction will cause problems designed to interrupt the digestion.

5. Shows up germs and bacteria
The emergence of common germs and bacteria caused by his difficult clean up germs and bacteria would be easy living in the parts of the mouth. Germs will be easy once tucked my stirrup and karetnya, if not diligent about wearing a mouthwash in mouth. This will cause bad breath. Moreover, the condition of the teeth difficult to clean up because there are braces.

6. The teeth can wobble
Teeth can falter when the bone that holds the teeth change follow the wire that attaches the tooth it will falter.

So avoid the 6 danger wear Stirrup (braces) then trust in the dentist who is experienced and competent in their fields. Wearing braces carelessly will cause the danger of bekalilipat from the mounting braces.