Blue-bodied dog popping up in India

Blue-bodied dog popping up in India
Blue-bodied dog popping up in India

Blue-bodied dog popping up in India,In Tolaja, an industrial area in Mumbai, India has attracted the attention of the population, for it is a strange view that is some wild dogs roam with a bright blue color. This strange event quickly popular in social media and social media.

A representative from Navi Mumbai Animal Protection Cell (NMAPC) told National Geographic that when heavy rain mengguyur the body of the dog's fur color back to normal.

Shakuntala Majumdar of Mumbai's Thane SPCA has reported that it successfully captures the wrong or Blue Dog and managed to clean it.
The appearance of blue-bodied dog has raised a number of questions, including how they may change color.

Hindustan Times explained that the dogs were likely exposed to industrial waste allegedly dumped by one of the factories in the region of the river Kasadi. Incidentally along the river call supplied by hundreds of factories. However, it is not yet known which companies get rid of waste without being processed first.

His team shared Majumdar obtain information about the existence of the blessing of the blue dogs. The discovery of blue dogs who are in the territory of the factory, the manufacturer will be responsible for the horrendous events of the society.

Thanks SPCA has managed to find five Blue Dog, but it is estimated there are more dogs that are exposed to, the district had a population of sebeb wild dogs.

Tim Thane SPCA reported that blue color comes from the water, when the dog is bathed sebeb twice directly NET, after it took a sample of her skin to know the content of toxic dyes which affect the condition of the dog. The results reveal NMAPC in that there are no negative effects to the detriment of the health of the dog or animal in the area

Source: National Geographic Indonesia

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