A very unique phenomenon in the world that can't be Explained Scientifically

A very unique phenomenon in the world that can't be Explained Scientifically
unique phenomenon
A very unique phenomenon in the world that can't be Explained Scientifically,Most people in the world really like things concerned with science, especially about the phenomenon or a difficult mystery to solve. There is even a show or event which in no way can be scientifically explained as is the case here.

1. The stones walked.

The stone is famous as for sailing or walking, these rocks look move by itself even traces left shift in the place of the previous one line motion in the skip. The researchers are already trying to figure out the background of any discrepancy in California from the early 1900 's. time-lapse Recording captures the movement of the stones with a hefty speed.

The peniliti says that this movement happens because the stones shifted above a thin layer of ice that formed overnight and thaw during the day. However, this opinion on the bid by many people. Some people believe that the mystery has been resolved, while some others need more research.

2. giant stone Balls.

This giant stone balls found on the island of Isla Caño island and Cell Diquis Delta, Costa Rica there are about 300 obejk created with the size of the assortment. This phenomenon is on call as "Las Bolas" by the locals, which means ball. In addition this round object dubbed the Diquis spheres. It has a round stone weight up to 16 tons. Most are made of Granodiorite, there are also made of sandstone or limetostone. Up to now no one know where the origin of the rocks, and is estimated to be thousands of years old.

3. the Baigong pipes.

Baigong pipes were on Mount Baigong, China, strange things American scientists found the pipes that are diverse in size from toothpicks equivalent diameter to large found in areas far from settlements, buried far from the ancient rocks in. The pipes are made from 30 percent silicon dioxide, calcium oxide and iron.

It is estimated his age has been stepped on for centuries. The researchers said that to make the pipes it required highly sophisticated drilling techniques that should have not been there in the past. It is argued that if the tree is a fossil, but no one could prove it.

4. the dragon fireballs

Luminous spheres sighted emerging from the water and fire yourself up to hundreds of meters into the sky slowly disappeared. This phenomenon is known as naga fireballs or light of the Mekong. This reddish colored balls and have a rich eukuran of small-sized basketball courts. This occurrence is no dipertengahan fall at night. Until now, no one can explain scientifically.

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