NASA Reply Application Letter from Child 9 Years, Public Surprised!

NASA Reply Application Letter from Child 9 Years, Public Surprised!,
In July, the United States Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced that it was looking for a Planet Protector Staff. With a fantastic salary between Rp 1.7-2.5 Billion per year. So no wonder many people are very interested in these vacancies. One of them is Jack Davis, a nine-year-old boy who is still in high school grade four. Jack Davis says "although I'm only nine years old, but I think it's a good fit for this job"
Then he went on to describe the experience he had gained while watching all the stars and aliens seen. I'm good at playing video games. I'm also young, so I can learn to think like Alien.
So the end of the letter in writing Davis put his signature that read "Jack Davis, Galaxy Guard, Class Four"The letter that Davis wrote drew the attention of NASA and Dr James L Greenland, the planet's chief science division, replied to her letter in person.Dr. Green writes that the position of the planet's shielding staff is a very cool and important job. We are always looking for future scientists and engineers who will help us. Therefore, I hope you will continue to study well in school later.
Criteria for such a Davis are too young for such vacancies. In NASA job vacancies if the candidate in need is a graduate of a major in mathematical physics, and a technique with a minimum of 24 credits of mechanics, dynamics, electronics, and some fields included in pure physics. With the criteria obliged to avoid astronauts and robots from the threat of contamination of organic and biological materials during space travel. Not only that, they must be required to develop policy, protection, and oversee NASA's space mission.
Nevertheless, Dr. Green remains happy, because NASA can inspire the next generation of explorers.

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