60,000 Farmers in India Suicide due to Climate Change
60,000 Farmers in India Suicide due to Climate Change

60,000 Farmers in India Suicide due to Climate Change,Already in sight, we do not have to wait until 2100 to see how climate change human killing. According to a study conducted by California's university official, Barkeley about 60,000 farmers in India committed suicide due to climate change.
In the journal Priceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), UC Berkeley's Tama Carleton compares data over the last five decades on climate change and suicide cases in India. He has found a link between temperature variations and suicide rates during the growing season.
Terrible again the occurrence of increase of 1 degree celsius on the day of planting season about 67 and increase 5 degrees Celsius increased 335 deaths due to suicide. Altogether he estimates as many as 59,300 cases of agricultural suicide over the last 30 years in India in relation to global warming.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO) India has the highest number of suicides in the world. Recorded in 2015 as many as 133,623 people and almost one tenth of them or about 12,000 people are farmers and other agricultural workers. Other reasons that trigger are bankruptcy, debt and other agricultural issues.
This is proved by the progress of farmers from Tamil Ndu. They brought unique peasants and peasant skulls and piled them up in Hantar Manyar Delhi not far from the Indian parliament building. They say the greatest drought in 140 years has killed hundreds of Tamil Nadu farmers.
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