Perhaps you've heard if wearing deodorant and antiperspirant may cause breast cancer. Up to now, the opinion has yet to be fully proved.

Because in the year 2002 there are studies involving 813 women who was diagnosed with breast cancer and 793 women who don't have breast cancer. Such research does not show a connection between the user and antiperspirant, deodorant or shaving armpit hairs, with the risk of breast cancer.

What is the content of aluminum in deodorant cause breast cancer?

Aluminium is an active component that is in deodorant and antiperspirant. How it works can clog the underarm sweat while Mussel, so clog the sweat out.

Based on research done if aluminum is used constantly eating would occur changes in hormone receptor esterogen Yes there is in the cells of the breast. Because of this esterogen was instrumental in the formation of growth of cancer cells in the breast, so in the study concluded if wearing antiperspirant containing aluminum has anything to do with the incidence of breast cancer.

But it remains unclear how much aluminum can be absorbed by the skin. In the research proves that aluminium from antiperspirant that absorbency in the skin is only 0.012%. Possibility of aluminum that is in the antiperspirant goes into the body through skin absorption is much smaller compared with those on food.

Why is it when a mammogram Checkup we cannot wear deodorant? Does this mean deodorants cause breast cancer?

When you want to undergo a mammogram, were asked not to use deodorant because these products contain aluminum.

The component inspection results will appear in the form of small spots that resemble the microcalcification, a State marked the presence of breast cancer. Therefore the wearing deodorant and antiperspirant is not allow in while it is undergoing examination by mammogram, will give rise to ambiguous results.

So, is it safe to use deodorant?

Up to now there is no research that can be stated that the use deodorant and antiperspirant cause breast cancer. If such risks with the alarmed, you can choose a deodorant using chemicals may be seminal.