Sometimes without even realizing You are having the error unconscious while doing maintenance at night. Beauty treatments at night also give real impact when waking up in the morning.
Even though you feel very tired and did some routine beauty, such as cleaning the face, use a serum and many things can have healthy skin and well maintained.

1. Do not clean the rest of the makeup
It is not a secret if clean makeup before going to bed for beauty. But, if this is missed would be very fatal, in the skin such as acne, premature aging even faster.

2. Wear data cream at night
A moisturizer or cream data typically contain sunscreen. Although beneficial to protect the skin, but in the evening do not need to use it. Because, at night the skin is going to fix it myself. Better election night cream and a light texture cream so that the skin can breathe the national police Fund makes a good skin regeneration process.

3. Do not scrub the tooth in every night
If you do not regularly brushing my teeth at night will cause bad breath and gum disease, it also had an impact on your face yangaja look older than it should be. So, to avoid this error.

4. no binding to hair when breakouts
Tie the hair while sleeping is strongly discouraged, but if you have Acne can do so. It is useful to keep the oil from your hair to Your face part that can clog pores. But, Jang forget tying her hair is never too tight, this is to prevent damage to the hair strands.

5. Not massaging your face
Massaging the face slowly is very good for the skin, but in fact many don't do it. But it only takes that are not too long. That mistake will make you faster face wrinkles. Take your time to massage the face parts slowly, especially in the area of the eye before going to bed.

6. excessive Peeling
Eliminate dead skin cells can help your skin looks glowing, only need a facial scrub in once or twice a week. Especially for the ages that pass through the twenties, because at age 20 years and over the skin had started to lose elasticity, can exacerbate peeling up appearance.