Unique Creatures Mixed Lizards and Snakes
Unique Creatures Mixed Lizards and Snakes

Unique Creatures Mixed Lizards and Snakes Recorded Camera,Although similar to lizards, jalar or worms, the animal is one species of Bipesus Bipes reptiles.

In an ongoing expedition in Baja California in July, Sara Ruare who is a professor of biology and herpetology at Rugers University Netwark has managed to discover That Biporus.

Ruane was shocked to find that Biporus was alive. Although the population of these animals are numerous in Baja California B Biporus rarely get out of the ground. Ruane was very hesitant when he actually found a B Bipolar.

This animal is unique, because the head and front legs look like lizards. However, a long body, with no hind legs makes it look like a snake or a worm. The truth B Biporus is not the third mentioned but the member of the Amphisbaenia Bergensi Bipes reptile which has only two front legs.

B Biporus spends most of his time in the ground. The researchers, suspecting this because of their size is small enough (about 24 centimeters) to be swallowed by the predator.

To avoid it Biporus did not go far from his hole. Then if this animal is threatened it will decide the tail and clog the hole. However, B Biporus can not regenerate his tail. So this RI can only be used once in a lifetime