Death is actually not scary like what you imagine

Death is actually not scary like what you imagine
Death is actually not scary like what you imagine
Death is actually not scary like what you imagine,A psychologist Kurt Gray in the past year, he had the opportunity to read the final statement of the 500 inmates who were executed between the years 1982-2003. The majority of his statement contains a positive thing.

Gray to prove it did a study with the University of Northern Carolina, Chapel Jill. In his research would like to know whether that happens only on some psychological phenomenon or widespread.

In his research has been divided into two phases. The first phase, analyze uploads blog written by patients of cancer and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) before he died, and compare with the fictional participants, to imagine if they are convicted of a cancer that cannot be cured.

As a result, that patients suffering from cancer pain on average more positive than those who imagined himself dead. Ukurnya more on the decline in the use of positive words such as "happy" and "love" when getting closer to death.

In the second phase in the study found the same thing, the researchers compared the last statement of the convicts sentenced to death by the last statement written by participants online. Most inmates expressing gratitude and love to his family and their friends. Only a few people willing to accept the resignation and said the death penalty, as otherwise healthy people who were asked to imagine the death more often use negative words, such as fear, terror, and anxious.

Gray says that the concept that was previously associated with the immune system of the psychologist, written by Harvard psychologist dan Gilbert's book Stumbling on Hapiness. In the face of a bad situation, one's mind will be working hard to find the point of light or reason about the whole thing.

Strong reasons regarding the examination of patients and inmates who are so positive because they think in others. So any otherwise ordinary healthy people for selfish when thinking about death, too think about himself and the difficulty of the day that will live in.

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