Robot Working in Supermarket! , Will man be eliminated?
robot on supermarket

Robot Working in Supermarket! , Will man be eliminated?,A wholesaler in Richmond Height of the state of Missouri, USA, began using autonomous robots that were tasked with scanning shelves to check prices and notify employees of empty or misplaced products. The reason is to use a robot because it does not need to go to the toilet or ask permission sick.
Schuncks Markets store employee said that this Robot named Tally, he first assigned in three locations are expected to be a testing ground for the new technology in the next few weeks.If the test results are satisfactory, this robot may be used in various supermarkets throughout the universe
According to Dave Steck, the vice president of IT-Infrastructure at Schnucks has begun testing the Tally robot with a focus on in-stock positions and hopes to open up other possibilities with data gathered on the shelf. This test is expected to last for six weeks and two other Shchnucks stores. Placed at Chersterfield and St. Louis, both in the