giving birth naturally
giving birth naturally
What is the difference to give birth naturally, normal and by caesarean section?

Difference gave birth to a normal/natural. Both are equally vaginal birth as it bore through the vagina. It's just that, when you choose to give birth naturally, you absolutely cannot use drugs to speed up contractions (induction), as well as medication to reduce the pain when you are having contractions (epidural).

While giving birth by Cesarean surgery is the process of giving birth to be given spinal anesthesia or anaesthesia from the waist down, and the baby was issued by making the slices in the abdomen to remove the baby from the uterus.

Well, if you want a normal childbirth the following tips that can be prepared by you.

1. Do your research and discussion with a partner, where you most want, and make sure Your support partner. Make sure to consider as well, about the impact that will be brought about later on for you and your baby. Giving birth naturally will be very favorable compared to caesarean section.
2. Make Your brithing plan in detail, and make sure to get your doctor's approval.
3. Follow the couple gymnastics class, pregnant, prenatal yoga to Kilroy to prepare you and your spouse both mentally as well as physically.
4. Choose poses that you can do when the vaginal opening and to help reduce the pain.
5. Set the breath when the process of contraction to give birth.
6. When wanting to scream because of the pain, for your voice to sound with vibration.
7. Rest or sleep to increase stamina when birthing, and breastfeeding after birthing.
8. Go with The flow
9. make a memories about these precious moments, creating a documentation.
10. Take advantage of the time in the RS as time breaks and learning to become a mother.

Hopefully the explanation is clear enough and could assist you in getting prepared to give birth naturally/natural.