Want to Know Suri's Death? Here's the Answer

Want to Know Suri's Death? Here's the Answer
suri's death

Want to Know Suri's Death? Here's the Answer,Dead Suri, already familiar in your ears, not everyone can experience it. Being on the verge of life and death is an experience that is second to none. Not infrequently, the death is related to the peaceful feeling of the bright light and the soul that is cut off from the body.
In a new study of deadly chronology, it is found that not everyone experiences the same order, which can help remove the complex relationship between neurology and culture on the threshold of his life.The Belgian study is based on 154 responses of respondents' surveys and narratives collected through the International Association for Near Death Studios and the China Science Group
To find out the respondents are selected with the Greyson NDE scale, this scale is designed to provide the structure and consistency that the patient remembers when having a heart change. Near Death Experience (NDE) or suspended animation since 1975 by psychologist Raymond Moody is used to find out how a suspended animation occurs.
Based on the results turned out to be dormant is a cliche. Only bright lights, tunnels and positive emotions become commonplace in the hearing about the experience of suspended animation. This description is considered a brief description of life after death.

Of the various studies conducted are surely numb, about 4-15% of the world's population has experienced that experience, even some of them report if the "afterlife" is not necessarily through suspended animation. According to them, it only deals with the neurological response to stress rather than death itself
The study was not the first time about suspended animation. Previous studies have been done by neurologists And Parnia has found seven categories of memory during the NDE. Likewise with the study revealed by researchers about the specific observations that are remembered by the respondents of the funds recorded chronology of the eyeglass that was published in Frontiers in Rain Neuroscience.
The result turned out that all respondents, 80%, felt the peace, 69% saw bright light, and 64% met other "figures". Only 5%, who feel fast thinking and 4% describe what it is called precognitive vision or future vision.
While the chronology, 22% of respondents claimed to have experienced separation of spirit from the body, followed by down the tunnel, see bright light and feel the peace. A third of them experience the separation of spirits and eventually return to the body
Source: National Geographic Indonesia

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