For a woman it is very familiar with the name of bandage. Pads is extremely useful when we menstrual periods, one of which serves to absorb the blood out. Although the functions and how it pertained to simple, surely you often hear some mythical-sounding pads in the community.
Here are some myths about the bandage is still often believed, but trust me if the myth is not true.

This is the answer in the medical world by figured out about myth.

1. Pads can cause cervical cancer
The assumption was wrong. For almost all cases of cervical cancer are caused by the human papillomavirus or HPV rain. There are more than a hundred types of HPV, but so far there are only 3 types of viruses that can cause cervical cancer are recorded. The virus is often transmitted through sex without a safety net. So, not because of the patches!

2. Garbage drivers need to be separated from other trash, for fear of contracting cancer.
It is absolutely not true. Most people believe about dump pads may not be merged with other garbage, if touching it will cause cancer.

Essentially cancer is caused by mutations of cancer cells more turbulent, and genetic factors or bad diet. Cancer is not contagious, although with just a touch. However, maintaining hygiene during menstruation remains important. If you are lazy to keep clean the vagina when menstruating, then you will more quickly affected by various diseases.

Keep don't believe anymore about the myth of disposing of pads on the River, on the pretext of getting water kareai coolness has cool or cold. Even the community believe in underwear is burned, then the owner will hurt, it will feel the heat of the pubic and easily affected by the disease.

The myth is nothing at all to do even the environment will be polluted as well as with the water, it would potentially cause disease outbreaks.

3. Wear a bandage when menstruation causing infertility.
Wrong! Until now there has been no research that States if using pads will cause infertility. But, one of the studies in Pakistan showed that the usage of material or material that is not clean to absorb menstrual blood turns out could increase the risk of infertility.

Although not yet know about the process, but using clean material and can absorb the blood properly into full points for the health of the female organs.

If viewed in terms of the other, the use of a material that is not appropriate for the absorption of the menstrual blood can cause infection. When menstrual weakness at intimate area right on the rise because the blood out through the vaginal opening makes it easy to fungal infections or bacteria.

Bandage is a product that can be guaranteed to be sterile and safe condition before use. So keep it clean and to avoid irritation and infection, it's good to replace pads 4-6 avid once or when blood comes out a lot.

4. aromatic Pads make menstrual blood does not smell.
Wrong! In General, the scent of menstrual blood is very typical, since it contains cells that original "live". You should know that menstrual blood scent would not be wafted by the others.
On the contrary the chemicals used for deodorizer on the PADS will trigger the diarea irritation vagina.

If your vagina is constantly removing the odor even after the menstruation is complete then it should be consulting a doctor.

5. The adhesive on the PADS will cause vaginal discharge
Wrong! Adhesive bandage in function to paste the driver into the panties so that it is not easy to shift or lecek when doing the activity.

Vaginal discharge is normal. This fluid helps clean the vagina so keep it clean and healthy, as well as providing lubricants to protect from infection and irritation. If the fluid is not normal vaginal discharge, it may be caused by a bacterial infection or fungus.

Later, the pattern of adhesive thin lines shaped, so as not to cover the air circulation remains smooth and free of damp.

Although the myth is wrong, is the health of the vagina to become lightheaded menstrual cell. The recommended time to change bandage is every 4-6 hours of usage.

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