In modern times with the advancement of sophisticated community, Indonesia still believe the myth that smells of invisibility. One of these is the phenomenon of the emergence of luks bruises suddenly shelled without clear cause. He said this caused the devil licked. However, in the medical world is called occult phenomena. The following explanation about it.

Bruises result licked demons, appearing as a small purple spots on the surface of the skin and arise in the thigh, buttocks, and experience. In medical, bruise it termed purpura Simplex. In general case.

Although you are not experiencing fall or bump, purpura simplex may occur at any time. According to the explanation of bruises that occur suddenly due to the presence of a small blood vessel ruptures, causing blood pooled right under the skin. Although already known, nmaun is not yet known what can lead to rupture of blood vessels and how it could happen.

It generally occurs in women due to the influence of hormones. Therefore, bruises often appears in conjunction with the menstrual cycle or when the body is exhausted. Easy bruising of the skin may occur due to freezing is not going well.

There are several health conditions that are a cause of the incidence of bruising, like hemophilia and thrombocytopenia. Hemophilia is a rare disease that causes blood derivatives are very hard freezes due to lack of protein.

While the thrombocytopenia is a disorder that causes the body's blood shortage of blood causes the body pieces lack the pieces of the blood (platelets). This situation is caused by a variety of factors, such as anemia, excessive alcohol intake, viral infection, leukemia, chemotherapy drugs, pregnancy and heredity.

In addition, bruises suddenly without apparent reason could be due to taking certain drugs, for example the type of aspirin, warfarin, clopidogrel, and prasurgel, which belongs to thinning the blood circulation. Gushing blood that can lead to blood vessels rupture causing bruises.

Is this dangerous??
No need to worry, purpura simplex is a medical condition that is not harmful and can disappear by itself, without being treated (if it is not related to other diseases).